Evelyn Bonney, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant
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Tried and tested people who can support you on your parenting journey

Over the 10 years I have been working in Singapore, I have unfortunately seen many family’s struggle with their young children. Im here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this! The more support you get the more enjoyable your parenting journey will be. I have been fortunate enough to build a wonderful network of people who truly have your best interest at heart! Below are a few of the best so please do reach out to them if you need help and support. It takes a village. Sleep well!

New Mother's Support Group

The New Mothers’ Support Group are a volunteer lead group who host lots of great meet ups all over Singapore. New mums and dads, and families new to Singapore, can meet new friends and find new places to have fun with your little ones.

Recommended and Trusted Partners | Sleep Consultant

The Osteopathic Center has been helping patients improve their overall health since 2008 . They aim to find the root of the problem to help the individual improve their quality of life and their sense of wellbeing. They have specialist practitioners trained in cranial osteopathy for babies and children. This can help reflux, symptoms of colic, sleep and much more!

Health 2 mama

Health2mama are a team of physio and personal trainers specialising in the care of women. They have just launched a fantastic new app for expectant and new mums. It is a hugely comprehensive guide for mums to prepare for and fully recover from giving birth. It also includes hundreds of healthy recipes. Download it today! USE THE DISCOUNT CODE evie15 and get 15% off your subscription.

Empowa founder Kathy

Kathy is the founder of Empowa, a postpartum support services company in Singapore. They provides physical, emotional, and practical support to new mothers and families during the transition to motherhood, and working motherhood. Kathy is also the curator of Pregnant and Popped: THE Baby Fair for MUMS

Amanda Lim

Coach Amanda Lim is a certified perinatal fitness & nutrition specialist with over 14 years of working with pregnant and postpartum women.  Her LIFTING MAMAS online coaching programs offer personalised, professionally coached prenatal and postpartum workouts, meal plans, and support, and her team of experienced trainers provide in-person perinatal training sessions in her Pasir Panjang studio.  Whether you’re a new or experienced mama or simply looking for more support for your wellness journey – Coach Amanda is in your corner!