sleep solutions


Improving your families sleep is a team effort! We get results because we value and respect our client’s boundaries and work cohesively towards mutually agreed realistic objectives. This collaboration and supportive coaching ensure you never feel alone, even on the difficult days.



One size does not fit all because all children are different and we honour that. There are many different ways to work towards improving your child’s sleep and we will choose the method that best suits your child and your family.



Sleep is multifaceted. Many factors influence a child’s ability to consolidate sleep consistently. With over 20 years of nursing experienced, we are able to take a truly holistic approach and build a sleep plan which is tailored for your child’s specific needs. Many different components of your child’s daily routine will be taken into consideration which allows us to see improvements in your children’s sleep within a few weeks.

Newborn Sleep Consultant

In House support

We offer all of our initial consultations in person as standard. This allows us to walk through your sleep plan with you at your pace. These consultations afford a great opportunity to build a trusting relationship with our clients and provide the foundations for success for our clients and their families.
Additional in house support is also available if and when you need it.

Struggling with feelings of helplessness and exhaustion?
Encountering multiple night waking’s and short naps?
No periods of consolidated sleep despite your best efforts?


We specialize in customized holistic coaching that will improve your children’s sleep in just a few weeks.

Sleep is not a luxury and you do not have to suffer endless exhaustion just because you are a parent.

Allow us to support you on your parenting journey.