Evelyn Bonney, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant
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Private Consultations with Evie

If you are ready to take the plunge and get the support you need on your parenting journey, you have come to the right place!
We work with clients in a number of different ways to ensure the right support opportunity is available for every family. No struggle is too big or small.
Here’s everything you need to know about the different ways we support families and setting up a private consultation with Evie!

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Ask me anything Virtual Consultation

Book a call with me, fill in a short questionnaire and you can have my full attention for a whole hour if you need it. All your questioned answered ASAP. It really is that simple! You will leave the call with a clear plan of action and the motivation to reach your families sleep goals. This session is ideal for families who have hit a bump in the road. All of a sudden your baby has stopped napping well or hit a sleep regression. You have tried everything but are still getting lots of protesting at bedtime from your toddler or they have suddenly started waking in the night. I will find out what the potential cause could be and give you the strategies to get you back on track.

60 Minutes Virtual Consultation

$ 220
  • Mini questionnaire review.
  • Ideal for troubleshooting 1-2 issues related to your child''s sleep.
  • Follow up email with main points discussed.


If you have twins you have come to the right place for support!

As a twin mum, I have really been where you are. The joy is definitely double but so too is the workload. Between feeding, changing, playing and sleep, I can help you find your rhythm as a family to make sure EVERYONE gets enough downtime and rest.

All of my private sleep coaching packages are appropriate for twins at NO extra charge. The work load may be doubled but the price doesn’t have to be!


Private sleep coaching

For parents who need a bit more of my time and support, and a more in depth assessment of your child’s sleep needs, my 2 week packages can help you to reach your goals. For all of my 2 week support packages I offer the initial, 60-90 minute consultation, in house. This helps me fully understand your family’s needs and tailor my support specifically to you. One size does not fit all when it comes to children and these in person sessions give me a wonderful insight into your family’s support needs. Meeting you and your children is also the favourite part of my job!
Baby Sleep Consultant

Infants & toddlers

SGD $ 1,100
3 months - 2,5 years
  • Preliminary evaluation
  • A private 90 minute consultation
  • Sleep environment assessment
  • A detailed customised sleep plan
  • 2 weeks private coaching.
  • 2 weeks follow up support via rested app or email.
starting pre school and sleep

Older children

SGD $ 1,295
2,5 years and older
  • Preliminary evaluation.
  • A private 90 minute consultation
  • Sleep environment assessment
  • A detailed customised sleep plan
  • 3 weeks private coaching.
  • 3 weeks follow up support via rested app or email.

Additional support

In-house services

In person first night support:

If you need us to walk you through your first night we can be right there with you. We will provide one on one coaching when you need it most.
Bedtime put down: 6-9pm SGD $450
Half night support: 6-12pm SGD $900

In person primary care giver training:

This additional service is designed to help you, or your child’s care giver, implement your personalised sleep plan. We will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you get the best results
Full Day: 9am-3pm SGD $995

Please contact me for bespoke packages.

Whatsapp support

If you feel like you need a bit of extra support for the first night of sleep plan implementation, you can upgrade and add Whats App support.

  • First 2 hours following bedtime: SGD $150
  • First 4 hours following bedtime: SGD $250