Evie came into our lives just after our son’s second birthday. We had been dealing with nightly wake ups and screaming for nearly his entire life, up to that point. I was really stubborn and opposed to sleep training (or what I thought it encompassed). Our paediatrician, Dr. B. @ IMC Children’s in Singapore, recommended we talk with Evie to see if she could help support us. I felt an instant connection and comfort with her. She was nothing but supportive and empathetic with our struggle. She answered endless questions from me with many specific, relevant details. She even came out to our home and assessed the sleep environment, routine, etc. and then created a plan around both what she knows as an expert, and what worked for our family. Her strategies and routines fixed the issues for us within 3 days! Now we have all the tools we could ever need and our son is sleeping like a dream! She’s truly a magical person. Can never thank her enough. If you’re on the fence, but struggling like us, do yourself a favour and call her up!