Evie and her sleep techniques have transformed our lives. I decided to contact Evie due to her nursing background- she was knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly we didn’t feel judged. She tailored the sleep plan specifically for our little girl and continued to support us using the “rested” app, which was really easy and convenient to use. Thank you Evie for all your help and support.

Laura Elibeck

I can’t recommend Evelyn enough! We met at a Pregnant & Popped fair and had a quick chat about my sons sleeping habits.
We had always been lucky as he slept through the night from a very young age but his day time naps were non existent. We had a phone consultation with Evelyn and she shared and knowledge and wisdom about independent sleep with us.. Evelyn was clear with her reasoning behind this so we got cracking with the new plan a few days later. Just 10 days on, our son who is 6m old no longer needs a dummy to soothe and sleeps for 2 long naps in the day, giving me time myself. Evelyn has such a positive energy, and I felt comfortable with her from the beginning. Every parent needs an Evelyn for a good nights sleep!

Kelly Cornish

Evelyn made me so comfortable straight away, no hard sell just great support and effective techniques! She has a way of not making you feel like a failure but giving you the skills to get that golden sleep time in order! I am so grateful to her for supporting me to stay consistent and would 100% recommend her service for anyone wanting a sleep routine that works!

Kayla, Craig and Raife

Evie came into our lives just after our son’s second birthday. We had been dealing with nightly wake ups and screaming for nearly his entire life, up to that point. I was really stubborn and opposed to sleep training (or what I thought it encompassed). Our paediatrician, Dr. B. @ IMC Children’s in Singapore, recommended we talk with Evie to see if she could help support us. I felt an instant connection and comfort with her. She was nothing but supportive and empathetic with our struggle. She answered endless questions from me with many specific, relevant details. She even came out to our home and assessed the sleep environment, routine, etc. and then created a plan around both what she knows as an expert, and what worked for our family. Her strategies and routines fixed the issues for us within 3 days! Now we have all the tools we could ever need and our son is sleeping like a dream! She’s truly a magical person. Can never thank her enough. If you’re on the fence, but struggling like us, do yourself a favour and call her up!

Meaghan Odell

Evie has been invaluable at getting our youngest to sleep better. It’s like having a friend hold your hand & guide you when you feel completely lost. We felt constantly supported and she was so calm and patient with us. Her paediatric nursing background gave us so much confidence too. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep.

Emma Penny

Thank you, Evelyn! Evelyn’s teaching, coaching and support has made my baby and I so much happier and relaxed. Before I started working with Evelyn, sleep was erratic, fraught with crying and frustration and I was struggling to get my baby to sleep without rocking him for an eternity and letting him sleep on me. I have learnt how to understand my baby’s sleep patterns as well as how to teach him to put himself to sleep in his cot. We now have a structured routine which has had an amazing impact on both of us. He is getting more sleep and I can finally get things done in the day! It’s not an easy journey but Evelyn’s support and advice at difficult times really helped get us through.  Thank you!

– Emily and Chris